The flower of life

Jun 26th, 2018 | author Antonella Bazzoli
The flower of life

The flower of life is an ancient symbol that was considered sacred by many cultures worldwide from Europe to Egypt and from the Middle East to China.
The basic form resembles a flower with six petals placed in a circle, hence its name: flower of life.
Whether due to its geometry that is found in many forms [...]

Butchers, surgeons and charlatans

Jun 7th, 2018 | author Antonella Bazzoli
Butchers, surgeons and charlatans

Near the medieval castle of Preci (formerly Castrum Precum), in the pristine mountainous area of Umbria which is called Val Castoriana (the valley of Castor), lies the Abbey Sant’Eutizio, a medieval monastic benedectine complex which is among the most beautiful and evocative of Italy.
The story of the foundation of the building is to be found [...]

The Well and the Fountain: walking tour along the “ways of water”

Jul 14th, 2017 | author Antonella Bazzoli

A walking tour in the historical centre of Perugia to discover the main “water ways” of the Etruscan and medieval town.
The Well and the Fountain is the summer itinerary proposed by EVUS (www.evus.it) guided by Antonella Bazzoli, independent researcher and tour guide in Umbria.
The meeting point is in Porta Sole (in front of the public [...]