Evus, History revealed.

“Only a tree that grows out of its own roots may restore bountiful fruits to the earth,” is a beautiful reflection of the philosophy of Evus.

Only through access to a broad range of knowledge of the past is it possible for one to know himself and the present in which he lives in. Evus was born with the objective to investigate History (the roots, per se) and to make the results of such research accessible to all, in the hope that such contributions will aid in the expansion of human knowledge, the betterment of our earth (through the restoration of bountiful fruits) and its future.

When one attempts to investigate History, it signifies his/her search to unveil many mysteries that cloud a large part of picture, it signifies the desire to discover the truth that is far too often hidden or forgotten. For this reason the articles of Evus regard profound ideas, opinions, and themes that will span from ancient history, the middle ages, archaeology, from art to iconography, from mythology to literature, and much more.

The homepage of Evus is divided into the sections Zoom, Reportage, Portrait, Focus and Panorama that are updated monthly with new material. From the menu the reader may choose by theme his/her preferential reading. For example, in “Women in History” one may explore the female form in all its aspects, in “Traces of the Templars” one may find news relating to the Order of the Knights Templar, while in “A World of Symbols” the reader will be confronted with symbols, allegories, and icons and their relationship with one another. In the three areas of “The Third Eye” those searching for an outlet to communicate in an artistic and creative form some of the themes of Evus are encouraged to do so. In this section there will also be the opportunity to search and add well-researched itineraries, with locations of great historical interest unknown to mass tourists.

Regarding the editorial aspect of Evus, we will not fall into the easy trap of publishing tired and homogenized material. The editors of Evus prefer to not follow dogmas just because they have been established so, but above all to be open to surprising new truths. For this reason, Evus chooses to not distribute pre-published material. The articles of Evus will always and only be the fruit of profound investigation, compiled according to the most rigorous scientific methods, cited accordingly, whose contents are verified by experts and shared by means of the internet using a simplistic, clear and synthetic language for all.