The Journal EVUS.IT is a project of Antonella Bazzoli, graduated at University of Perugia and specialized as tour guide and professional journalist. As independent researcher she published some of her works in various scientific journals, such as the “Bulletin of the Deputation of  Italian History” and the Italian magazine “Medioevo.”

Translations into English from Italian:

Lynn de la Torre, graduated at UCLA in math, economics and latin languages, has worked in Italy, contributes articles in English about Italy on the MadeinItalyMall blog.

Genna Neilson, from New York, graduated at Trinity College in Connecticut in Classical Literature and History

Patrick Raymer, graduated at the University of California at San Jose (Humanistic Studies), English teacher, translater and interpreter since 1975.

The websites graphics are in the care of Roberto Pierini, graphic artist from Perugia

The site was realized by  KSYN.IT

All photos edited in EVUS (unless otherwise noted) are by Antonella Bazzoli

Special thanks to the following for their contributions:
Corrado Fratini, art historian and associate professor of Medieval Art History at the University of Perugia
Romano Cordella, epigraphist and researcher; member of Deputazione di Storia Patria per l’Umbria