Umbria is waiting for you!

If you can appreciate an old fresco and a medieval relief; if you are curious about history, symbols, legends and traditions; if you like to explore a landscape that alternates green hills and high mountains, quiet lakes and clear rivers, if you love local food and good wines, traditional handicrafts, old rites and ancient myths … then Umbria is waiting for you!

The region of Umbria is a land where you can discover the secrets of the past and appreciate some of the most important monuments of Italy.

In its Etruscan and Roman sites you can discover, for example, how the ancient population lived, what they believed in, where they came from. In the Etruscan necropolis of Perugia and Orvieto, in the impressive Roman town of Carsulae, as well in the fascinating  hill-town of Gubbio it is possible to observe details and inscriptions that reveal what happened to the Umbrian and Etruscan towns when the Romans conquered the whole territory of Umbria.
Worthy of visit, for instance, are the many early Christian and Romanesque churches of Umbria, built often with material taken from older Roman buildings (like the Temple of Sant’Angelo in Perugia).

In Umbria you can also appreciate the magic atmosphere of medieval squares, surrounded by well-preserved facades of cathedrals and public buildings. Umbria was a place of sieges and conquests, a land inhabited by popes and knights Templar, by mystics and poets, by famous painters and mighty families of the Renaissance…

Visiting Umbria means discovering a territory – small geographically but culturally rich – full of Etruscan, Roman, medieval and renaissance works of art that are preserved in the many galleries, churches and museums of the region.

A team of professional tour guides from Umbria, that speak a variety of languages like Italian, English, German, French and Spanish, is available to guide you throughout Umbria wherever you want to explore from Perugia to Assisi; from Gubbio to Città di Castello; from Spoleto to Narni;  from the Trasimene Lake to Castiglion del Lago and Città della Pieve; from Todi and Deruta to Orvieto…


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