Evus, lifting the veil

May 25th, 2010 | author Antonella Bazzoli | posted in Editorial

Evus is the web magazine for those who want to re-appropriate history. It is a project that aims to link our past – full of mysteries and hidden traces – with our present, since we think that only through knowledge and awareness of the past are we able to live the present fully, and thus able to improve and transform the future.

We believe that even a symbol may reveal iconographic and historical details, useful for understanding our roots, and helpful for interpreting our present. We think that even a lost meaning, a misunderstood event, or a forgotten character can return to life and disclose the truth. We are capable of this only if we welcome their original messages with a free mind, are open to the dialogue, and are ready to share the knowledge we gain.

The five categories on the home page – “zoom,” “report,” “portrait,” “in focus,” and “panorama” – have been created to organize the results of our latest discoveries and the most original, unpublished research.

By exploring the eight sections entitled “History Revealed,” the reader may choose his favorite topic by theme. Thus, “Traces of the Templars” is the section dedicated to the famous order of the Templar Knights, while “A World of Symbols” will try to interpret the hidden meaning of symbols and the forgotten significance of allegories and icons. You may also explore the section on women in “Women in History”, like the mythological origin of the Great Goddess, or the tales of brazen women who lived in the middle ages and earlier.

“The inner eye” is a forum where it is possible to read original stories and share personal research.

In regards to our editorial duties, Evus will try not to fall into the trap to publish what has been said and written before. The articles published in this magazine will always be the result of new and thorough research, conducted according to the most rigorous scientific methods and bibliographical content, verified by experts in their specific fields, and shared to the world in an clear, direct and concise language, comprehensible to everyone.

Evus does not believe in dogmas concerning history and does not want to state any historical “truth.” The magazine wants to be one more tool for people seeking new interpretations of history. Evus is for people who are curious to know and, at the same time, aware of not knowing enough. It ’s the web magazine for women and men open to dialogue, ready to share knowledge and to communicate without the fear of being robbed of their knowledge.

That’s the reason all the articles of Evus are registered under the license “Creative Commons” which allows one to share the contents of the magazine and spread them over the internet. According to this Creative Commons license, you are free to use the contents of Evus, but you must agree to three main conditions: one must justly attribute the work (that means you must always cite the source and the author), the duplication of the work cannot be used for commercial purposes, and it is prohibited to alter or transform the original work.

Antonella Bazzoli (translated by Genna Neilson)