Trees growing on their roots

Jun 30th, 2013 | author Antonella Bazzoli | posted in Editorial

“Only a tree that grows out of its own roots may restore bountiful fruits to the earth.” This sentence represents the philosophy of Evus very well. Investigations, insights, opinions and new discoveries will be the focus in this new web magazine, in order to address subjects related to ancient and medieval history, art, archaeology, anthropology and history.

Evus wants to be a virtual flight on the wings of knowledge, an original journey between myth and tradition, iconography, literature, architecture, art and more.

Evus will offer its readers the opportunity to investigate the human history.

Evus is ready to host all lost and forgotten stories, and it will try to uncover all the denied and misinterpreted events of the past. This new web magazine will link the past history to the present, and accordingly to our contemporary lives.

There are many magazines on the web dealing with art history and archaeology, many blogs dealing with past cultures and ancient traditions. Some of these use a scientific language, reserved for specialists, while others disseminate interesting news, but unfortunately are not always inspired by the scientific method.

We think that the scientific method should characterize any kind of historical investigation, and we want to share the results of our research, as we believe that only through shared knowledge and awareness of the past is it possible to improve and transform our future.

Welcome to the Evus community!

Antonella Bazzoli – Translated by Genna Neilson