The Lighthouse Watchman

Studying, safeguarding and valorizing the historical and cultural heritage of a country should be among the top priorities of any national government and local administration.
This does not mean that local citizens don’t also play an important role in this commitment. Their efforts can be of great help when it comes to monitoring the cultural heritage that surrounds them.
This is particularly true of Italy, rich as it is with countless archaeological sites and architectural monuments, its extraordinary works of art, priceless documents, stunning landscapes and the infinity of local traditions rooted and preserved in each region in the country. These are parts of history that belong to all of us and represent our Italian cultural identity. They are a treasure of inestimable value and they include all of those relics we have yet to uncover, study and decipher as well as those that are still waiting to be restored and brought back to their original splendour, where possible.
It is an ocean full of heritage that bears witness to our past, that recalls our roots and absolutely must be safeguarded in order to ensure that no part, no matter how seemingly insignificant, is lost or neglected.
To borrow from an allegory, it would be wonderful if each of us could feel a bit like a watchman at the lighthouse that looks out over this immense sea of Italian culture. It would be wonderful if each of us, in his own way, could keep an eye on the beauty that surrounds us and, if needed, report what we see every time a ruin is left abandoned, or relics or monuments deteriorate. The heritage belongs to all of us, it is our history and our culture and its importance to us all cannot be underestimated.
With any luck, and with commitment, we can be the lighthouse watchmen of our own cultural ocean. It is not that hard to do, all you need is a camera, a touch of courage and a sense of responsibility.

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